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English & ESL

Three Reasons Why Literature is Important

Builds Critical Thinking

Helps Us Understand the World

Develops Communication Skills


Developing critical thinking

Throughout the younger years, English, or the Language Arts is the subject of study that teaches our children to ask questions. From a young age, educators build critical inferencing skills because reading and writing isn’t mastered by developing literacy alone. Our students must also master their ability to ask questions, and see the hidden meaning of things. Writers and readers can communicate with the world and ask questions about it to discover new knowledge.

Our K-8 English program focuses on expanding fundamentals in reading comprehension, writing, grammar & usage, and speaking, as well as, critical thinking. Students will be two steps ahead of their classmates with our extra support in both their technical and creative abilities.

Our high school 9-12 program focuses on strengthening advanced rudiments in writing, reading, critical thinking, oral communication and research skills. We push students in the later years to go out of the box and discover their true potential.



Whether you are learning English as an adult, a child, a teenager, we are here to help you get a hang of this language. At Tutor4U we teach ESL in a fun, immersive, and up-to-date environment. We know workbooks are boring, so we’ll teach you through learning. You’ll be speaking like a native English speaker in no time. But don’t worry, we won’t forget about the fundamentals either, we’ll make sure you develop your grammar, writing, reading, and oral speaking as well. Come to Tutor4U to experience a new way of learning English. We know what you need to succeed, so you can trust us.



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