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The TDSB’s September School Re-Opening Plan

The TDSB’s September School Re-Opening Plan

The TDSB has broken its silence on its plan to reopen schools. 

The TDSB has claimed that a full return to school will coast the board an additional 2500 teachers which equates to an extra $250 million on their payroll.

Here is the full recap!

The TDSB has proposed two ways to reduce the expense of full school re-openings. The first is to eliminate French teachers while the second is to end school 48 minutes earlier. 

The TDSB has outlined that if they group all elementary, middle, and secondary students into classes of 15 with one teacher through the day, that would require the hiring of nearly 2500 additional teachers (which would be a good thing for up and coming educators). But this would cost the board an additional $250 million dollars, the board plans to reduce this cost by ending schools 48 minutes earlier – bringing the total down to $99 million instead. 

If the board were to move on with these 15 students a classroom plan then there would be an increased demand for core French teachers. Currently, the board is already short on French teachers as few teacher candidates have French as a teachable subject. Even if kindergarten to grade three classes were trimmed to 15 students per class – the TDSB will still not have enough French teachers to go around; it will also slightly trim the number of new teachers down to 1900 teachers at a cost of $190 million. 

If the board decides to dismiss students 48 minutes earlier each day, they would need 200 new teachers and this would only happen at a cost of $20 million. The board has also stated that any unused spaces will be converted into class spaces because of the need to accommodate students in these new settings.

Through such decisions are never easy, we only hope the TDSB will make the right choice – the obvious choice. This is a breaking and developing story. Stay up to date by regularly checking in on our blog for more news. Contact Tutor4U today for more information! 

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