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Grade 3 Ontario Math Standards

Did you know that the percentage of Grade 3 students who met Ontario’s provincial math standard of 70% or more on the EQAO has fallen from 68% to 63% over the past 5 years?

Grade 6 Math Standards

Did you know that the percentage of students who met Ontario’s provincial standards in mathematics on the Grade 6 EQAO has fallen from 58% to 50%

Compared to Canada

Did you know that Math averages have been falling all across Canada and while other provinces have been improving their student’s scores, Ontario’s has been only continuing to decline?


Why are math scores falling? It’s because Ontario’s curriculum has moved away from traditional teaching to discovery-based teaching. We’re here to improve your child’s mathematics abilities help them stay ahead of the pack. Our math program is not only rigorous but it’s also fun because our teachers have a passion for math. We will teach fraction arithmetics, important numeracy skills, strengthen their algebraic knowledge, and much more! Bring your child to Tutor4U so they can discover the joy of mathematics and get the grades they deserve by improving their math fundamentals.


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