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Common Myths About the IELTS

I’ve been teaching the IELTS for a very long time, extending my services across two continents. I find that many IELTS test takers come into the exam with many assumptions and myths. More unfortunate is the way repeaters keep getting below their intended score because of these assumptions and myths.

  • MYTH: You can hear the answers twice in listening

  • FACT: In listening, you will not hear the answers twice

I understand that many candidates mistaken the IELTS exam for another exam and assume that you will hear the answer twice for the listening. You do not. That’s why you have to carefully read the task and listen in the actual exam.

  • MYTH: You can infer answers in the reading section

  • FACT: In reading, you do not infer any answers

Although there are short answers in the IELTS, this is not the opportunity to make up answers. Every answer you write for the listening and reading are copied word for word in the exam. Do not infer or make up your own answers.

  • MYTH: You just need to give the reasons for one side in the writing 2 argumentative

  • FACT: In writing 2 argumentative task, you must present both sides

This is the MOST common misconception. Yes, you have the choice a stance in the writing 2 argumentative style task but just because you agreed or disagreed does not mean you neglect to mention the opposite side. You have to present a balanced view despite having a one-sided stance. The task is essentially a 2-sided argumentative essay. In order to avoid contradictions, you may present a justification in the conclusion.

  • MYTH: IELTS do not repeat writing and speaking questions

  • FACT: IELTS repeat writing and speaking questions

There are many of my students who assume that the IELTS never repeat their questions. They do, and quite often. It is imperative that you keep up to date with the trending questions to prepare. At Tutor4U, we have a database of all the questions that were tested within the past few weeks.

There are definitely more myths out there but these are the common ones that IELTS candidates always get mistaken on. Please book a class with us for more help and the most comprehensive training from our expert IELTS teachers.

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    Some teachers can be caught up in a moment of pure passion when talking about a topic without realizing