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Coding is Added to the Ontario Math K-8 Curriculum

Coding is Added to the Ontario Math K-8 Curriculum

When I was a student in elementary school the only cool thing we did in math class was playing with place blocks, but then again, young me was not an avid math fan.

As I have gotten older, I realized that if I paid more attention in math class, perhaps I would not have become an English teacher. But I digress – this post is not about me – this post is about the Ontario Ministry of Education making bold new changes to their math curriculum.

Starting in Septemeber 2020, teachers will now teach Ontario K-8 students computer coding as part of their yearly curriculum.

The curriculum change is a result of Ontario’s maths crisis as mathematics as the median mathematics score on grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO tests has been declining over the past decade (see this post for more information).

Students will start to learn computer coding in grade 1 and will steadily advance their knowledge through the subsequent grades. In the early years of their computer coding studies, students will learn basic sequential coding and be able to create images that they can program to be moved depending on which key a user presses.

Other key changes to the math curriculum include financial literacy which will begin in grade 1 and eventually lead to students learning personal budgeting and e-transfers.

Then there is the reversion of “discovery” math which means that the new math curriculum will go back to focusing on developing fundamental mathematic skills such as numeracy, measurements, probability, and data management. Some concepts such as telling time on a clock from will be moved from Grades 1 to 3.

But perhaps the most interesting change is the addition of a new social and emotional learning skills strands that will ask educators to teach young children to learn from their mistakes and not get discouraged while doing mathematics. Hopefully, this will teach children to do mathematics with less fear and more perseverance and to see challenges in a new light.

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