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2018 IELTS Speaking Predicted Questions

Scared for your upcoming 2018 IELTS test? Want to have an idea of what they are going to test you? The following is a sample of the predicted set of questions for IELTS examination from July 2018-August 2018 in the North American region (Canada & USA testing centers). We have collected these based on intel […]

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When is formal too formal? Understanding IELTS registers

Formality, also known as register, is an important elements of IELTS Writing. Formality can be formal, semi-formal, and informal.   Formality should not be confused with format as these are two different things. I will elaborate on format in another blog post.   In IELTS, formality is considered and marked under the section Task Achievement. […]

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How to Perfect the IELTS Speaking

Perfecting the IELTS speaking task isn’t easy but we have a few tips today that will help you jump a band score, but only if you practice over and over again. The first step is to make sure you don’t make these common mistakes: Studdering Repeating yourself Grammatical and syntactical mistakes i.e. using wrong tenses, […]

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