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Our Team

Our Tutoring and Administrative Team

Founder & Director

Monique Attrux founded Tutor4U in 2018, envisioning a learning space where students’ curiosity for learning can be fostered and where their academic performance can reach new heights. Prior to Tutor4U, Monique founded a successful tutoring company in Hong Kong with four locations, which specialized in IB/IELTS tutoring. In Hong Kong, all of her students went on to prestigious universities and competitive programs. Since founding Tutor4U, many of her students averaged an 88%-96% in their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and all of her IB students achieved a level 6 and higher in their subjects. Monique completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Hong Kong with a double major in Linguistics and English studies. She obtained her Master of Arts in English from York University. Monique is currently doing her doctoral degree in English at York University, pioneering a new way to read and write about literature.

English Teacher

Saman A. Moustafa is an OCT certified tutor who graduated from York University’s Bachelor of Education program, Intermediate/Senior division. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Saman has over a half-decade of tutoring experience and has helped countless junior and senior high school students get into their dream universities. He upholds a high academic standard and uses his passion for teaching to get the best out of his pupils.

French Teacher

Having studied in a French immersion program since elementary school, Rearchenie has been immersed in the language for nearly all of her life. She attended York University and finished with a degree in French Studies. She believes French to be an essential language and hopes to bring a spark of passion to her students. She is an innovative and bold tutor that has instant connections with her students – although French is a difficult language she is able to constantly keep her pupils motivated and to go beyond their limits. She is also extremely seasoned in preparing students for the DELF Junior and DELF Scolaire French language proficiency test.

Biology & Chemistry Teacher

Mark graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science and also holds a Masters of Science. Mark has been tutoring for over two years now and is a kind and extremely knowledgable tutor. His area of expertise is not only high school, middle, or elementary school sciences but he also has the capacity to assist students through their university studies.