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Our Process


We begin with an assessment. This is to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses and to create a personalized education experience for them. The assessment can be done at our centre, online, or in-home.  We will diagnose your child’s strengths and weaknesses, aptitude levels, and grade levels and create a Personalized Education Plan to help your child achieve their goals and improve their skills.

The Personalized Education Plan

What’s our difference? At Tutor4U, our Personalized Education Plans utilize cutting edge education technology and resources. Based on the assessment, original unit plan will be assembled to support the student’s needs. Each student will have a Personalized Education Plan based around their primary modality: kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, or visual. Personalized Education Plans will also work to build gaps in the other modalities and core skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, arithmetics, writing & communication, vocabulary, and much more.

Tutoring Begins

After a Personal Education Plan has been established for your child the tutoring sessions will begin. Teachers will work in accordance with the Personalized Education Plan to achieve the outlined goals.

Progress Reports

Throughout the duration of your child’s studies with us, we will provide both you and your child monthly progress reports giving you a detailed outline of the improvements, weaknesses, and next steps based on the initial assessment.